What Are the Challenges to Space-Weather Forecasting?
What Are We Learning About the Sun from Data-Driven Modeling?

  A Specific Challenge: January 2014

Oral and Poster Sessions are Scheduled for Friday, 19 December, 2014 at the Fall 2014 AGU Meeting
   Convenors: Todd Hoeksema, Rebekah Evans, Aimee Norton, Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla

Event Description

Shared Links

HMI Vector Field for AR 11944 (HARP 3563) with bad pixels adjusted (Y. Liu and X. Sun)
Solar Monitor Web page for 7 January 2014
Magnetogram Movie from HMI for 2014.01.06-07 (Other movies for that day)
HMI HARP-region Movie for January 2014
Difference Movie in AIA 193 (courtesy Nariaka Nitta) Also: Other Events Hi-Res
Composite 12h Movie of HMI Magnetogram and AIA 171 from the SDO Data Browser
HMI Synoptic Maps for Carrington Rotation 2145 (png)
SOHO/LASCO Coronagraph observation announcement and links e.g. C2 Difference Movie
HARP 3563 CEA Limb-to-limb Radial Magnetic Field movie, 2013.12.30-2014.01.15, also Continuum Intensity (A. Norton).
Composite AIA/HMI close-up 4h movie showing flare loops (courtesy Mark Cheung)

Contact Todd@sun.stanford.edu to share a link with other contributors to this session.

J.T. Hoeksema