IAU Symposium 223

Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity

St. Petersburg, Russia
   June 14-19, 2004


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I. Solar cycle in the interior, Atmosphere and Heliosphere
II. Structure and Evolution of Active Regions from the Sub-photosphere to the Corona
III. Formation and Instabilities of Filaments and Prominences
IV. Multi-scale Coronal Structures and Links to Photospheric magnetic Field
V. Energy Transport, Storage and Release in the Solar Atmosphere and Corona
VI. Heliospheric Effects and Space Weather Research
VII. Multi-Wavelength Observations of the Sun from Ground and Space

Most submitted abstracts will be accepted for poster presentation, and few of them will be selected for oral sessions and round-table discussions.

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Please, select one of the round tables:
1. Relationship between solar and stellar activities
2. Coordination of observations and data analyses for  CORONAS-F, SOHO, and related projects
3. Analysis and interpretation of historical solar activity data

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