Highlights of Astronomy

The JD presentations will be published at IAU Highlights of Astronomy 15 by Cambridge University Press in the middle of 2010.

Submission Deadline : September 30, 2009. Submissions after this date will not be considered for publishing.

Page Limit : 1 page for contributed presentations, and 2 pages for invited presentations (1 page is preferred).

Format : For a paper sample and LaTeX style file, please see: http://www.iau.org/static/scientific_meetings/authors_proceedings .

Who Should Submit : Only those who wish their papers be published in HoA should submit. Not every presenter is obligated to submit. We strongly encourage those who have new unpublished results to submit their formal papers to 'Solar Physics' Topical Issue (see below).

How to Submit : Send your TeX file by email to: junwei AT sun.stanford.edu.

'Solar Physics' Topical Issue

We work together with the journal of 'Solar Physics' editors to publish a topical issue based on our JD. Please be aware of that 'Solar Physics' topical issue is not a proceedings issue. All submissions should be original papers with new results that meet the regular paper quality of 'Solar Physics', and a limited number of invited review papesr will also be arranged. Submissions are not limited to the presented papers at JD, nor limited to JD participants. That is, any researchers with new results that fall in category of 'helio- and astero-seismology' can submit to this topical issue. There will be no page limit for these papers.

Submission deadlines: A letter of intent together with a preliminary abstract should be sent to the 'Solar Physics' editor or junwei AT sun.stanford.edu by September 15, 2009. The paper should be submitted before October 31, 2009 following regular submission procedure.