Stanford Solar Observatories Group Visitors


Current and Future

Date Name From Visiting / Topic Seminar Office Phone
Nov 12-16 Yacine Saidi MPI Lindau JSOC   Poplar 127  
Nov 9-26 Charles Baldner Yale Bogart, Soares   Poplar cub 3  

Recent Visitors

Dates Name From Visiting / Topic
Oct 15-19 Raymond Burston MPI Lindau JSOC
Aug 16-29 Vincent Tong UC London Duvall/ Rajaguru/ J Zhao
Aug 15-27 Urmila Mitra-Kraev Sheffield Kosovichev/ Bogart/ Hanasoge
Jul 8- Aug 15 Douglas Gough Cambridge AP 125
Aug 6-10 Sarbani Basu Yale Bogart/Soares/
Ring inversions for HMI pipeline
Mar 12- April 10 Michal Svanda Astronomical Institute, Czech Republic Flow fields in the solar photosphere and the near subphotospherical layer.
Aug.1- Sept.17 Douglas Gough U of Cambridge  
June 28th- July 7th Sandrine Lefebvre UCLA Inversion of F- mode frequencies for solar radius related to the MDI project
June 21- June 22 Sylvaine Turck- Chieze Service d/ Astrophysique/ DAPNIA/
CEA France
On gravity modes with GOLF instrument and perspectives with GOLFNG and the Dynamics project
June 12th- July 10th Michael Svanda Astronomical Institute, Czech Republic Subphotospheric dynamics of the solar activity cycle
May17- 24 2006 Kumar Chitre Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), U of Mumbai, India Solar Dynamo Problems   
April 17- April 26 Thad Szabo University of Southern California Helioseismology
Feb 20- Mar 31 Martin Woodard Colorado Research Associates, Boulder, Co Helioseismology
Feb 20- - 24 Aaron Birch Northwest Research Assoc.
Colorado Res.Assoc.
Jan 25- Feb.23 Dali Georgobiani MSU- Doctorate  
Jan 24- 27 Hong Qu Zhang,
Wang Sen,
Keliang Hu,
Dongguang Wang
National Astronomical Observatory of China Magnetic Field Measurements
Nov. 27- Dec.10 Dali Georgobiani MSU- Doctorate
Nov. 10- Nov.17 Savita Mathur  
Oct.18- Nov.11 Pavel Ambroz Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Czech.
Large- scale magnetic flux transport in  photosphere and between subphotosphere flows.
Sep.15- Dec.15 Martin Woodard Colorado Research Associates, Boulder, Co Helioseismology......
Aug.23- Aug.25 Drs. Wu & Wang Alabama University
MHD simulations of evolution solar active regions driven by the MDI magnetograms (and
potentially the vector magnetic field data).
Aug.14- Aug.27 Dali Georgobiani MSU- Doctorate
Aug.3- Aug.13 Sandrine Lefebvre UCLA Inversion of T- mode frequencies for solar radius related to the MDI project
Aug. 2- Aug. 16 Elena Dzifcakova


Subphotospheric flows, flares & magnetic topology
Aug.1- Aug.14 Alena Kulenova Bratislava Univ. Analysis of MDI data
Aug.1- Aug.5 Sarbani Basu Yale Ring- diagram analysis
Aug.1- Sep. 17 Douglas Gough Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge Research & Data Analysis for the SOI- MDI program.
July26 - Aug.26 Takashi Sekii National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Time Distance Helioseismology MDI
July 22- July 30 Elena Khomenko Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC)


Apr 13- Apr.20 Dr. Andrei Tlatlov Chief, Kislovodsk Solar Station- Pulskovo Astronomical


Mar 16- Mar 19, 2005 Elizabeth Auden MSSL ESDO integration into JSOC
Dec 8 - Dec12
Jean- Pierre Rozelot Grasse "Solar gravitational moments: from the theory to observations", Dec.9, 4pm, HEPL Conf.Room
Nov 21 - Dec 11 Andreas Laag Lindau MDI/HMI local helioseismology
Oct 24 - Nov7 Reza Samadi Meudon MDI/HMI local helioseismology
Oct 24- Nov 7  Aaron Birch  NWRA MDI/HMI local helioseismology
Aug 30 - Sep3 workshop (~3 days TBD) VSO
Aug 18- 20 workshop Local helioseismology
Aug 8 - Sep 4 Douglas Gough Cambridge usual stuff
Aug 17- 21 Martin Woodard NWRA usual stuff
Aug 2- 21 Aaron Birch NWRA usual stuff
Aug 15- 26 Hiromoto Shibahashi Tokyo usual stuff
Jul 20 - Aug 20 Takashi Sekii Tokyo usual stuff
July 1 - ? Yuri Ponyavin St Petersburg Magnetic Field Reconstruction/ Vizualization
Jun 15 - Sep 30 Andrew Chen SU Summer Res College
Jun 15 - Sep 30 Sharad Khanal SU Summer Res College
Jun 15 - Sep 30 Mark Linsey SU Summer Res College
Jun 15 - Sep 30 Adam Reichert SU Summer Res College
Jun 15 - Aug 31 Shannon Lee Chabot EPO Summer Prog
Jun 15 - Aug 31 Scott Winegarden UC Irvine EPO Summer Prog
Dec 10- 12 Sergei Zharkov Univ. of Bradford Feature recognition
Dec 3- Dec 6 Henrik Lundstedt ISES,
Swedish Inst Space Phys
space weather
Dec 1- Dec 5 Paul Rajaguru Imperial College London Time- distance noise analysis
Aug. 1- Aug.31 Doulas Gough U.Cambridge Helioseismology
Aug.10- Aug.20 Hiromoto Shibahashi U.Tokyo Helioseismology
July 25- Aug.25 Takashi Sekii NAO Japan Helioseismology, Solar- B
May 29- June 6 Friedrich Busse U.Bayreuth/UCLA Solar convection, sunspot modeling
29 Apr - 9 May Sarbani Basu Yale Univ. Bogart: Local helioseismology
2 Jan - 1 Sept Fredrik Boberg Lund Observatory (Sweden)  
10 June - 1 Sept Patricia Keegan University College London MDI and TRACE data
15 June - 1 Oct Ted Kolberg Stanford MDI data
15 June - 1 Oct Patrick Zwick Stanford MDI data
1- 26 Jul Valentina Zharkova Bradford University, UK MDI flare response
6 Jul - 4 Aug Alexander Boiko IZMIRAN MHD models of solar flares
11- 12 July Dean- Yi Chou TON/NTHU Local HS
24 July - 24 Aug Takashi Sekii NAO (Japan) time- distance helioseismology
27 Jul - 2 Aug Sarbani Basu Yale Bogart, Schou
12- 23 Aug Hiromoto Shibahashi University of Tokyo helioseismology
1- 30 Sept Douglas Gough University of Cambridge helioseismology
23- 27 Sept Keiji Hayashi Nagoya University Scherrer
23- 24 Sept Mike Dragowsky Los Alamos National Laboratory Scherrer, Kosovichev
26 Sept Bala Poduval NJIT Scherrer
25 Oct - 25 Nov Sergey Ustyugov Keldysh Institute, Moscow Local helioseismology modeling
24 Oct - 25 Nov Konstantin Parchevsky Crimean Observatory Local helioseismology modeling
Nov 1- ? Dali Georgobiani Michigan Schou, MDI Calibration
Nov 1- 8 Regner Trampedach Michigan Schou, MDI Calibration
Nov 1 - 30 Stephen Hughes Imperial College, London Meridional circulation from time- distance data
Nov 3- 8 Paul Rajaguru Imperial College, London Time- distance helioseismology
Nov 3- 8 Elena Dzifcakova Slovakia Kosovichev, H- alpha and MDI data
Nov 3 - 23 Alena Kulinova Slovakia Kosovichev, H- alpha and MDI data
27 Oct- 23 Dec Richard Wachter PMOD/WRC (Switzerland) low- l modes, VIRGO/MDI
25 - 29 Nov Mike Thompson Imperial College Scherrer / helioseismology
26 - 28 Nov Juri Toomre JILA Scherrer / helioseismology
26 - 28 Nov Martin Woodard BBSO helioseismology, irradiance
27 - 29 Nov Doug Braun HAO Scherrer
1 - 21 Dec Nadege Meunier Obs. Midi- Pyrenees THEMIS/MDI
12 Dec Judit Pap NASA- GSFC Bogart / Irradiance
11 - 14 Dec Mike Turmon NASA- JPL Bogart / Irradiance
16 - 20 Dec C H (Vincent) Tong Imperial College, London time- distance inversions
12- 17 Nov. Sebastien Couvidat Centre d'Etudes de Saclay solar core structure
5- 10 Nov. Sarbani Basu Yale Bogart, Schou / Ring Diagrams, HMI
27 Oct. - 2 Nov. S. T. Wu Univ. Alabama, Hunstsville MHD models of CMEs
Aug 19- Sept 23 Douglas Gough Cambridge Helioseismology
c. Aug 25- 31 Sergey Ustyugov Institute for Applied Mathematics, Moscow on models of astrophysical convection.
25 June - 31 Aug Paul Hayne Stanford Univ. Toroidal field from WSO
25 June - 31 Aug Dylan (Patrick) Zwick Stanford Univ. Farside synoptic maps?
August 1- 30 Takashi Sekii NAO (Japan) Solar- B, time- distance
August 12- 20 Hiromoto Shibahashi Tokyo U  
August 12- 16 David Landy NSO convection, line asymmetry
26 June - 4 August Henrik Lundstedt    
June 29, July 7 Zuo Xiao Peking University  
July 5- 8 Jingxiu Wang BAO solar activity
July 11- 15 Alexander Ruzmaikin JPL MASSE project
July 1- 30 Dali Georgobiani MSU Modeling of


July 11- 28 Bob Stein MSU convection, line asymmetry
mid- July Aake Nordlund NBIfAFG convection, line asymmetry

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