HMI Quicklook Images and Movies

Please Note

After collecting comments on the work here, we installed improved versions of these movies on the main HMI web site.

Please go there for quicklook movies.

Improving Quicklook Movies

The original quicklook movies were made as a byproduct of tracking, and were intended mostly as a way to diagnose tracker performance, rather than to summarize data.

The new movies here are made from the hmi.Mharp_720s data in JSOC, rather than during the tracker runs. This allows us to show the correct bounding box for all HARPs, as well as showing the padding interval (1 day) on either side of the HARPs. Also, since the tracker diagnostic movies are made daily, they do not include some information that the tracker learns later, such as merges. In general, the data here are a much better reflection of the content of JSOC.

The movies are generated by concatenating a series of still images. The still images can be made one-by-one, on demand, as well.

We also made some cosmetic and informational improvements to the older tracker-based movies.

Example Movies

Here is one simple frame from 2012.07, and one more complex frame from 2012.08. Single frames take only about 25-30 KB.

Here is a series of new movies, together with the matching tracker diagnostic movies (now, both are in the usual 12-minute cadence).

Time Range New movie Old movie
2010.05 Movie Movie
2010.06 Movie Movie
2010.07 Movie Movie
2010.08 Movie Movie
2010.09 Movie Movie
2010.10 Movie Movie
2010.11 Movie Movie
2010.12 Movie Movie
2011.01 Movie Movie
2011.02 Movie Movie
2011.03 Movie Movie
2011.04 Movie Movie
2011.05 Movie Movie
2011.06 Movie Movie
2011.07 Movie Movie
2011.08 Movie Movie
2011.09 Movie Movie
2011.10 Movie Movie
2011.11 Movie Movie
2011.12 Movie Movie
2012.01 Movie Movie
2012.02 Movie Movie
2012.03 Movie Movie
2012.04 Movie Movie
2012.05 Movie Movie
2012.06 Movie Movie
2012.07 Movie Movie
2012.08 Movie Movie
2012.09 Movie Movie