HMI Active Region Tracks (Test 3)

Michael Turmon, JPL, August 2011

The movies below are made with the current masks, which use magnetogram information only (no intensity information). These masks are the same as the draft HMI masks (hmi.Marmask_720s). These test movies are one way to check on how well the current tracker parameters are working.

Movie Layout and Text Insets

Same as in track test 2.

Files Here

Tag Size Extent Notes
Jan 2011 33M 2011/01/01+31d (no notes)
Feb 2011 31M 2011/02/01+28d (no notes)
Mar 2011 32M 2011/03/01+31d (no notes)
Apr 2011 32M 2011/04/01+30d Notes
May 2011 34M 2011/05/01+31d Notes

Times of Interest

Notes on April movie

This has a very large HARP numbered 1675, visible at disk center around 4/25.

Notes on May movie

This has another very large HARP numbered 1836, visible at disk center around 5/7.