HMI Active Region Tracks (Draft Version)

Michael Turmon, JPL, November 2011

The movies below are made with the draft masks, su_turmon.Marmaskv7_720s. These masks are not released yet; they were recalibrated to produce smaller HARPs that correspond better with conventional ARs. The masks use magnetogram information only (no intensity information).

Based on earlier validation tests, these tracks use a finalization time of 48 hours, and a map half life of 1/10 of a day. We believe these parameters yield close-to-optimal AR grouping.

This page is complete and correct as of November 25, 2011. HARPs here are not final and will be updated prior to release.

Files Here

There are 11 months covered, January through November (through November 21). Each month has a movie (split into two halves) and a synoptic map.

Each half of the monthly movie is around 20-40 MB, depending on AR content. The movies show a lot of information. See this note on color coding and overlays for more.

The synoptic maps take about 3-4 seconds to load and render in my browser (Chrome 16). The synoptic maps might be best loaded into new browser windows/tabs, rather than clicking back and forth between this page and the maps. (You can associate the map back to a month by looking at the month-NN directory name in the browser address field: month-03 for March, etc.)

The maps support zooming. NOAA tracks are in gray, and HARPs are in a variety of colors. Bounding boxes in the synoptic maps encircle only the HARPs, not the NOAA ARs (otherwise it gets too busy). You can use the tooltips as you brush on points to associate the synoptic map points with the movies.

At the edges of the synoptic map, some NOAA ARs may be present that have no matching HARP. Probably this is caused by the HARP appearing in the synoptic maps for the previous or next month. In general, more HARPs are found than NOAA ARs.

Movies Maps Time
Jan (1) map 2011.01/31d
Jan (2)
Feb (1) map 2011.02/28d
Feb (2)
Mar (1) map 2011.03/31d
Mar (2)
Apr (1) map 2011.04/30d
Apr (2)
May (1) map 2011.05/31d
May (2)
Jun (1) map 2011.06/30d
Jun (2)
Jul (1) map 2011.07/31d
Jul (2)
Aug (1) map 2011.08/31d
Aug (2)
Sep (1) map 2011.09/30d
Sep (2)
Oct (1) map 2011.10/31d
Oct (2)
Nov (1) map 2011.11/21d
Nov (2)

Times of Interest

An artifact at 2011.03.04 12:36 et seq. (during the eclipse) causes a huge AR numbered 2086. Is the QUALITY still not set correctly, or not being checked?

There are still some NaNs for centroids in about 50 of the approximately 355 HARPs. Some have just one, others have many.