MDI Active Region Tracks 1996-2007

These "Old Calibration" tracks are from MDI. The movies are from MDI data from 1996.06-2007.11. The MDI team recalibrated its magnetograms in 2007, and these tracks are computed from the old magnetograms.

Movie Layout

The images are 1024x1024; they may be cropped by the inline movie player in your browser. If this is getting in the way, download the movie and play it locally.

For details on the movie layout and text overlays, please see the new calibration images page.

Known Issues

There may still be some cosmic ray strikes, and possibly one or two examples of badly-calibrated or distorted images that have not been screened out already.

Files Here

No. Size Starts at
1 7.3M 1996.06
2 19M 1998.06
3 21M 2000.05
4 22M 2001.11
5 13M 2003.04
6 7.4M 2005.01
7 3.9M 2006.08

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