Wei Liu

I am a research scientist at the Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research. I did my postdoc in the RHESSI group at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, working with Drs. Brian Dennis and Gordon Holman. I graduated from Stanford University with a PhD on particle acceleration in solar flares advised by Professor Vahé Petrosian.

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My scholastic background encompasses various areas that fall under the heading of solar physics. My observational work covered a broad wavelength range from visible light to hard X-rays, while my numerical and theoretical work involved both fluid and kinetic descriptions of plasma. My master's thesis focused on the eruption mechanisms of solar prominences using MHD simulations. My early doctoral research included analyzing MDI magnetic field data using wavelet techniques and studying CMEs with phenomenological and MHD models. A growing interest in the physics of particle acceleration led to my dissertation work on solar flares, concentrating on analysis and interpretation of hard X-ray data as well as theoretical modeling with the combined Fokker-Planck and hydrodynamic code. My postdoctoral work in the RHESSI group at Goddard improved and extended my graduate study in solar flares. Upon returning to Stanford in early 2009, I was involved in analysis and interpretation of the high-resolution optical and EUV imaging data from the Hinode/SOT and SDO/AIA instruments. Here are some projects I have worked on.


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