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Solar Phyiscs Group Employment Opportunities

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Graduate Student Research Assistantships

Graduate students working on solar physics research topics who are working with Prof. Scherrer and/or one of the Senior Research Scientists in our group may be elligible for a Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA). which pays a modest salary and tuition via a cost sharing between our research grants and the university.

The university policy for these appointments is found in this extract from the Stanford Administrative Guide (pdf).

Each year we get many requests from students with experience in computer programming who have been admitted into Masters programs in Computer Science or the School of Engineering. They are often looking for a combination of employement and tuition coverage and have been given - bad - advice that there are opportunities for GSRA appointments in Physics or Applied Physics or related Independent Laboratories (such as HEPL).

In compliance with paragraph 2.c in the above document we can only offer GSRA appointments to students whose Ph.D. research topics include Solar Physics topics. In support of our research programs we sometimes need the services of part time computer programming and can hire graduate students as temporary employees for such tasks, however such jobs do not provide any tuition assistance.

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