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The real-time Sun, the global solar corona and solar wind
derived with time-dependent three-dimensional MHD simulation
using daily-updated SDO/HMI magnetic field synoptic data

Please visit SOI/SOHO/MDI website and HMI website, for more information about instruments, data, and the status of the data processing pipeline.

Schedule : Around 14:00 UT (7 or 8AM PT) everyday, the latest daily-updated synoptic map will be generated in JSOC data pipeline.
synoptic frame map
HMI daily synoptic map
latest map in FITS format (∼ 20MB)
and WSO data format (∼ 21kB).
To-date mpeg movie (∼ 35MB *)
PFSS model plot
PFSS with HMI daily map
left : field lines and bases of open field
right: zero-Br contour surfaces.
To-date mpeg movie (∼ 3.2MB *)
* Not regularly generated.

At 9 AM PT, the latest near-real-time data is loaded, processed and fed to the coronal MHD model and PFSS calculation code, then the right plot above is replaced with the latest one. Around 10 AM PT, a PFSS calculation of moderate spatial resolution is done and the left plot above is updated. We conduct thee MHD runs for a day, each of which uses the same magnetic field data but has a different sub-Alfvenic boundary treatment. Around 1 to 3 PM PT, each of three MHD runs (low-resolution, about 5-degrees in latitude and longitude) is completed, then the plots below for each run in this page are updated. The observational images from the SOHO and SDO are updated at around 12UT (around 4 or 5AM, PT).
*) The schedule times are subject to change, depending on status of the JSOC data process. Elapsed time of MHD runs depends on the CFL condition (i.e., the largest value of the magnetic field strength in an input synoptic map data).

Simulation with choice O : The density and temperature are fixed at the base of the open-field coronal hole.
plots made: Wed Apr 23 19:42:07 UTC 2014 (Wed Apr 23 12:42:07 PDT 2014)
lat-lon map at various distances
click here to enlarge.
line-of-sight integration
of coronal density
daily MHD corona map daily MHD-derived LoS coronal density
    recent 27 plots (AniS java applet animation)
    recent 27 plots (mpeg movie)
    year-to-date (mpeg. *not regularly generated)
    recent 27 plots(AniS)
    recent 27 plots(mpeg)
Latest (with test HMI data):
   *Please contact us for details of the simulation and data: The latest CSV and FITS data files above are made from low-resolution simulation data.
   maps at 30 Rs: Vr (in km/s) and Br (in nT) in CSV (Comma Separated Values; plain text) format
   cubic data of 8 MHD variables : click here (FITS format, approx. 6.5MB).
The size of this cubic data is 32 x 64 x 640. The first 80-layer block, (*,*,1:80), is for the density (in count/cc), from 1.01 Rs to 4.96 Rs with a fixed equi-radius interval of 0.05Rs, and the second to eighth 80-layer blocks are respectively for the temperature (in MK), V_r, V_theta, V_phi (in km/s), B_r, B_theta and B_phi (in Gauss).
Summary mpeg movies
   with SDO/HMI data, since July 1. 2011.
   2nd half of 2013 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   1st half of 2013 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   2nd half of 2012 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   1st half of 2012 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   2nd half of 2011 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   transition phase, from MDI to HMI data as input. * MHD results were mostly unchanged, with very few data update.
   1st half of 2011 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   with SOHO/MDI data, from Feb. 08, 2008 Dec.31, 2010
   2nd half of 2010 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   1st half of 2010 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   2nd half of 2009 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   1st half of 2009 :  lat.-long. map (30MB)Corona and CH-base (2MB)
   part of 2008 :  lat.-long. map (50MB)Corona and CH-base (2.5MB)
(* without polar-field correction for the first 21 days, then
with polar-field correction)
Observations / Measurements
image/data fetched: Thu Apr 24 11:30:31 UTC 2014 (Thu Apr 24 04:30:31 PDT 2014)
HMI daily synoptic map SDO/HMI
C2 and Kcor MHD-0      SDO/AIA    PFSS with HMI daily map

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K. Hayashi
last (minor) modification: May 6, 2012
The last major update/modification: Jan.15, 2012
The first simulation plots appeared on Feb. 8, 2008
The first version of this page was created on Feb. 1., 2008