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top page in Japanese,

list of my recent publications and presentations (some of abstracts)

MHD models and others for solar corona and solar wind:
daily MHD coronal simulations using SDO/HMI (in Japanese) and official page
prediction of total eclipse of 2008 August 1 (in Japanese)
daily prediction of total eclipse of 2009 July 22 (in Japanese) and higher-resolution (in Janapese)
total eclipse of 2010 July 11
total eclipse of 2012 Nov. 13 (in Japanese)
total eclipse of 2016 Mar. 09
MHD-IPS tomography:
Daily IPS-MHD tomograpohy for solar wind (webpage at STEL).

JSOC/HMI-related items:
HMI data-export manual (in Japanese)

content list
MHD simulation of solar corona and solar wind, models of solar wind and solar corona,
MHD test simulations, visualization

java-applet animations:
Friedrichs diagram, MHD group velocity, spherical harmonics presentation of solar magnetic field

FORTRAN code to make ppm/bmp files
photo, memo, miscellaneous, and links to my favarites, yougo vita